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Games & Sports

Physical activity is an essential ingredient of a Sanawarain's life. The daily routine itself requires movement between dormitories, classes, dining hall, hobby and game locations spread over the 139 acre site at different levels.

All children start the day with half an hour of PT. During the early Spring Term, this takes the form of 'Hodson Run', 3-5 kms around the school site, culminating in the fiercely fought Hodson Finals in April. During the rest of the year the children practice their mass PT movements, preparing for the Inter - House and Tattoo for the Founder's Celebration in October.

NCC is compulsory in the senior classes and the School maintains a high standard of parade.

In addition to these compulsory activities, each child also has the option to pursue a wide range of sporting activities, both as team games and as individual pursuits, within the school time-table.

Games & Sports
Cricket Hockey Soccer Basketball Squash
Tennis Badminton Table Tennis Athletics Swimming
Gymnastics Rifle shooting Boxing    

Specialised coaches are employed for various games with provision for quality equipment.

Interactions with other schools through sporting and cultural activities are a regular features which help the childern to bond with one another and develop leadership qualities.

Camping and trekking is an integral part of the life of the School. Easy access to the remote Himalayan regions is a real asset for its trekkers and additional activities such as white water rafting and rock climbing are also in this programme.


Achievement by our shooters during Winter Break

A record number of 12 shooters qualified and participated in 58th National Shooting Championship held in the month of December . And they all have been rated as ISSF Shooters. (Namely : Esha Sandhu, Vani Singh, Nimishka Sharma, Shreya Arora, Adil Grewal, Bikramjeet Singh, Harkirat Kinra, Udyan Roy, Anas Ahmad, Kanishk Hooda, Gurman Dhillon, Kartike Mahajan)

Four shooters took part in Kumar Surendra All India shooting Championship. (Namely : Shreya Arora, Anas Ahmad, Kanishk Hooda, Kartike Mahajan)

For the first time two shooters Adil Grewal,Kartike Mahajan represented the State of Himachal Pradesh in National Games held recently in Kerala.

Kartike Mahajan was placed at
90th place in overall ranking of Shooters.
49th place at National Games.
14th place in Youth at All India Championship.

All India GV MAVALANKAR SHOOTING Championship-2014 held at Patiala

Our shooter, PRABHBIR S MANN (L – 6, NBD) took part in the 24th Pre-National, ALL INDIA GV MAVALANKAR SHOOTING CHAMPIONSHIP – 2014held at Patiala from Oct 12 – 14, 2014. He competed in SKEET SHOOTING,where a competitor uses SHOTGUN to target a clay-bird flying at a speed of 85km/hr. There were 45 participants in the event in his age group. Prabhbir surprised everyone by scoring 40/50 and winning a Gold Medal, a first one from Sanawar in the event at this age and for the state of Himachal as well.
Congratulations to Prabhbir S Mann and best of luck for National and International level competitions in future.

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