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The Academic year has been divided into two terms:

  • Spring Term: 20th Feb. to 15th June
  • Founder’s Term: 25th July to 11th Dec.


  • There are two Assessments during each term. FA1 and FA2 for classes IX and X in the Spring Term and FA3 and FA4 in Founder's Term.
  • Half - Yearly Examination takes place at the end of Spring Term. SA1 for Classes IX and X.
  • Final Exams for all, excluding class XII, take place at the end of The Founder's Term. Class XII children have their Pre-Boards. Classes IX and X have SA2.

  • While calculating final percentage for promotion to the next class, 10% weightage to all four Assessments and 30% each to Half-Yearly and Final Examination is given for classes VII and VIII.



  • The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi and CBSE syllabus is followed.
  • Tutorial system is in place and each child is a part of a 'Tutorial Group". These groups are looked after by the teachers.
  • Class V & VI have three sections each. From class VII onwards each class has four sections.
  • Each section consists of 25 to 28 children.

  • The School offers Humanities, Commerce, Medical & Non-Medical subjects in classes XI & XII.
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