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School Hospital

Round SquareA Hospital for boys and girls was built in 1868 in an isolated area away from both the boys' and girls' departments. The medical officer who was the only commissioned officer had a house which stood on a hill above the hospital. It was a house which rivaled the principal’s house in beauty.

The hospital also housed a nursing school where girls and boys were apprenticed to become nurses, so that they had a career, when they finished school.

Under normal circumstances the hospital was a sad place to be in - one hated being away from one's friends and not being part of school activities. But whenever there was an epidemic of chicken pox or measles, the hospital became a festive place for the large number of children who were admitted. It hummed and buzzed with social activity and the children were up to their normal tricks, trying the patience the Regimental Medical Officer and all the hospital staff.

Facilities Available Facilities Available
Facilities Available

  • School Hospital which is open 24 x 7 with nurses on duty round the clock.
  • Bed Strength - 30 beds
  • Separate wards for Girls & Boys.
  • Observation ward ---2 beds
  • Support Staff ward --2 beds
  • Male Staff ward-------2 beds
  • Female Staff ward----2 beds
  • Emergency Room equipped with defibrillator, oxygenator, suction machine, ECG machine
  • Laboratory – Test carried out with help of Auto Analyzer.
  • Physiotherapy- with a Quadriceps Chair, Shoulder pulley, Ankle exerciser, Grip exerciser, Wrist exerciser, Wax Bath, Digital Ultrasonic Therapy Unit with TENS
  • ECG
  • X-Ray- C R System with 100 MA X Ray Machine.
  • Minor OT- all suturing ,major dressings and splinting done here
  • Air conditioned fully equipped ambulance for transportation of patients during emergencies and for specialist consultation.
  • Dental OPD - State of the Art Clinic OPD with biweekly visits of Orthodontist and Endodontist from MN DAV Dental College & Hospital Solan.

Hospital Atmosphere
The atmosphere in the hospital is an informal and caring one for the in-patients, at the same time firm and strict for those trying to skip their tests or classes.

The Nursing staff has their meals with the in-patients, at the same time supervising their meals. Soothing music is played from the nursing station in the whole hospital.

The RMO can be reached at

Hospital Atmosphere
Referral Centers
  • Fortis Hospital Mohali, where students and staff of Sanawar are given priority treatment with minimal loss of time.
  • Zonal Hospital Solan.
  • Command Hospital Chandigarh, for all defense wards

RMO - 1 Sr.Med Assistant – 2 Nursing Sisters - 3 MNO - 1
Lab Technician – 1 Physiotherapist- 1 Radiographer – 1(part time basis)
Ayahs – 2 Safai Karmachari – 4 Ambulance Driver – 1 for day duty and night duty
Take care of the medical needs of the School Community.

  • An elaborate Medical Performa is submitted to the RMO by all new admissions.
  • This consists of a detailed medical history, vaccination record and examination report.
  • Any child using glasses has to get three pairs of spectacles and deposit the prescription in the hospital.
  • A thorugh dental check - up / treatment must be completed during the vacation period.
  • Only one Orthodontic visit per term is permitted for children who have got their orthodontic treatment from elsewhere. This information about Orthodontic visit must be given in the beginning of each term, duly signed by the Orthodontist.
  • A written consent is given by each parent authorize the School R. M .O to sign the consent on their behalf in case of any emergency / routine surgery / investigation, which remains valid throughout the stay of the child in the School.
  • Procedure for Medical Leave: Wherever required, patients are taken for specialist consultation.

However if it is a case which requires the patient to be supervised at home, Medical Leave is granted by the RMO.

All orthodontic leave, which is allowed once a term, should be intimated to the RMO in advance accompanied by a letter from the treating Orthodontist.

Hospital Atmosphere
  • The school doctor is also responsible for imparting First Aid training to the students, all pastoral staff, all sports staff, drivers and support staff.
  • At times this is outsourced to external accredited agencies like RLSS(I), who train the children and staff on a regular basis and award certificates to those who clear their tests.
  • Basic First Aid and CPR has been incorporated into the School Curriculum for classes 5th -10th.This training has proved useful many a time during the regular school activities.
  • Students come to the Hospital at a prescheduled time for hands on experience of CPR and methods of tying bandages.
  • However, all Matrons are given a refresher at the beginning of each term.
  • They are issued a log book and a First Aid box, a stretcher and a steamer for supportive treatment in the dorms.
  • On a regular basis supplements are given to all students, supervised by the Matrons.
  • Life saving skills and sports is part of the Swim and Survive program incorporated into the curriculam as part of the RLSS(I) package.
  • Regular workshops are conducted for all Paramedic staff on health and nursing.
  • Community education is imparted to the families by paramedical staff from time to time.
  • Health related issues of Adolescent Education Program are a regular feature for students, conducted by the RMO.
  • School Health Club is also looked after by the RMO.
  • Various outreach programs are conducted by this club like visit to cancer wing of IGMS Shimla, Old age Home, Orphanage, Children’s ward, taking on a school for imparting awareness about first aid and CPR.
  • Annually a multispecialty Health Camp is organized whereby specialists come in from Fortis Hospital, Mohali and MN DAV Dental College, Solan.
  • Every year, during Founder's, The Health Club puts up an exhibition on Health Information, CPR demonstration and also makes eco friendly articles for sale. The money received from the sale of these is used in various charity work: be it for procuring music system , TV, aqua guard, toys for Cancer Ward and Children's Wing, clothes for old age home or orphanage etc.
  • Members of Health Club also do Tree Plantation in and around the Hospital Premises
  • Besides these activities, Health club also organizes Fund Raisers during House Shows.
  • Blood Donation Camp organized every year on Independence Day.

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