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Extra Curricular Activities

Children at Sanawar select a number of 'hobby' activities, which they pursue at different times of the year.

These activities include, for instance:






Fashion Designing
Photography Paper Recycling Indian Classical Music & Dance

Bugle and Brass Bands



Also, in line are:
European Culture Studies Western Classical Music  

Extra Curricular ActivitiesAt certain times of the year, children are involved in a wide variety of social activities ranging from fire fighting to working in the School's Rural Centre. Tree planting has been an annual activity over the decades. Other major projects are Adult & Child Education, a Crafts Centre, and annual international village development camps (organized for the Round Square International Service). Membership of the Round Square International Service gives X1th Class children an opportunity to take part in a student exchange programme with other member schools throughout the world.

During a visit of 2 months duration, they study at the host school, staying either with families or in the school's dormitory facilities, playing a full part in the life of the school and community which they are visiting. Dramatics, Debating, Elocution and Quiz contests are a regular feature. Each House produces a House Show each year, giving children of all ages a chance to perform live on the stage, or learn the arts of stage management and production.

Membership of SPICMACAY ensures that artistes of repute visit the School on a regular basis for a lecture demonstration on classical Dance and Music. The North Zone Cultural Centre organizes folk and classical performances to give an exposure to the students. Visiting the School Museum is an educational experience in itself. It includes Sanawar's Colours, photographic and printed records, awards, mementos, teaching instruments, musical instruments and one of the worlds' oldest operational printing presses.
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