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The following activities are done in order to reach out to students and help them adjust better in the school:

  1. Orientation programmes for new students and for students who come into Senior School from the Prep Department and for those who move into the senior dorms.
  2.  Class V and VI students are met on a fortnightly basis to cover various issues such as assertivenss, peer pressure, study habits, self-esteem exercises and importance of team work etc.
  3. Red-Rose Project is an effort to help students to work at accountability,helping and guiding others, taking responsibility both in studies as well as in extra-curricular activities. The form teachers select 5-6 responsible and mature students (student teachers) who have to further meet up and help another 3-4 students in their class and dorms when needed. The forms are then signed by form teachers every week for feed back and information. The counsellor meets up with the student teachers and their students every fortnight. This project covers class V to class VIII.
  4. In keeping with the CBSE ruling, the Adolescence Education Porgramme (A.E.P.) covers the following issues and is held at regular intervals covering students from class V onwards:
    Gender Sensitivity Self Awareness Assertiveness
    Values Peer pressure Changes during Adolescence-emotional and social issues.
    Bullying Class 12 students-Good role models, practical problems faced as prefects in implementing discipline and their solutions

  5. Every year a Career Counselling Programme is conducted by the institute for Career Studies, Lucknow for class X, XI and XII students. Aptitude identification exercises, interactive sessions, one on one interactive session with a career counsellor are held. The students are given a login ID on the institute’s website where by they can log in for any information that they might need.
    The Career Counselling notice board puts up the latest information on Careers, admissions (for both Indian and foreign universities.
    Career information, deadlines, availability of online forms, filling up and mailing is now being done by the counseling office.
  6. Referred and self referred students are counselled on a regular basis.

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