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The following activities are done in order to reach out to students and help them adjust better in the school :

    Orientation programmes for new students and for students who come into Senior School from the Prep Department and for those who move into the senior dorms.

    The school makes all efforts to create an emotionally healthy and wholesome school environment for the students. The school has two qualified and experienced Counselors. They offer one-to-one confidential advice and support, as well as group interactions for students. Referred and self-referred students are free to seek appointments with the Counselors. In keeping with the ethics of counseling, the help of the Counselors may be sought by the pastoral staff in order to ensure that students under their care reach their potential in terms of emotional, mental and behavioral health. Parents and staff as well, reach out for the Counselors’ support as and when needed.

    The Counselors conduct interactive sessions covering issues under the Adolescence Education Programme (A.E.P.) such as:

    i.   Emotional 
    ii.  Social 
    iii. Physical changes during adolescence
    iv.  Peer pressure
    v.   Assertiveness
    vii. Emotional intelligence
    viii.Gender sensitization 
    ix.  Bullying and its legal implications
    x.   Proactive ways of behaving
    xi.  Substance abuse
    xii. Careers. 
    In addition, regular sessions regarding awareness of cyber security and being safe while online are conducted for the entire school.


    The school believes that Life Skills hold the key to the holistic development of every child. A life skills programme is conducted to promote skills including:4
    i.   Self-awareness
    ii.  Assertiveness
    iii. Decision making
    iv.  Problem solving,
    v.   Critical thinking
    vi.  Emotional intelligence. 

    Life skills training emphasizes the development of students’ competence, maturity, coping skills and developing a strong core and developing a robust foundation to deal with life’s many challenges.

    Orientation programmes for new students and for students who come into Senior School from the Prep Department and for those who move into the senior dorms.


    Students are made aware of various careers formally through guidance programmes from Grade 9 onwards. Annual Career Guidance programmes are held for Grade 10 to 12whereby psychometric tests, group interactions, one on one counseling and seminars of studies in India and abroad, preparation for competitive exams, are held. Career Counsellor’s are available for interaction with parents and students during the annual school Founders. Regular information to students is provided regarding colleges, admission requirements, documents needed and deadlines. Resource persons from Universities both in India and abroad are invited to interact with the students. The students are guided to fill various forms such as U.C.A.S., Common Applications, OUAC, J.E.E., etc. Notifications regarding careers, upcoming admissions are regularly put up on the Career Counseling Board and are also sent to students of Grade 12.In addition, throughout the year students are provided with career information as and when needed by them. Clarifying, disseminating career information inculcates the spirit of exploring, curiosity, clarifying and decision making thereby enabling the students to focus, be goal oriented and aspire to reach their target.

  1. Every year a Career Counselling Programme is conducted by the institute for Career Studies, Lucknow for class X, XI and XII students. Aptitude identification exercises, interactive sessions, one on one interactive session with a career counsellor are held. The students are given a login ID on the institute’s website where by they can log in for any information that they might need.
  2. The Career Counselling notice board puts up the latest information on Careers, admissions (for both Indian and foreign universities.
  3. Career information, deadlines, availability of online forms, filling up and mailing is now being done by the counseling office.
  4. Referred and self referred students are counselled on a regular basis.

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