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The Sanawar Leadership Programme (TSLP)

Dear Parents,
The Lawrence School, Sanawar, has decided to launch a Leadership Programme at the School, which will reinforce the School’s Mission as an institution of excellence, dedicated to producing leaders of the future. The Lawrence School, Sanawar is delighted to announce its residential, Values-Based Leadership Program- “The Sanawar Leadership Program (TSLP) every year in the second half of the month of June. This highly-rated program, built by Aspire, is a 75- hour residential program on School campus for students of grades 6 through 8. TSLP is distinctive in using 8 different pedagogies and a certificate from Aspire. The rest of this note answers three key questions parents would like to know about the Program: I. What is unique about TSLP? II. What will happen in the Programme? III. What about the Faculty, Logistics and Venue?

  • What is unique about TSLP?

TSLP is designed to be both meaningful and memorable and has been benchmarked with the world’s leading youth leadership programs, including those offered by Ivy League institutions in the US. The program helps students prepare for real-life leadership beyond school and create moral muscle to succeed in their careers, where they will likely encounter more grey areas, than black and white situations. Overall, the program is unique for its following set of truly unparalleled objectives:

  • Break student stereotype: Develop beliefs through dialogue & experiences that Leadership can be developed, groomed and mentored.
  • Build greater awareness of the social construct- poverty and social evils in the society and our responsibility towards them.
  • Develop self-induced recognition of the traits & characteristics of a great leader. Recognize that decisions make a leader.
  • Discuss the art of silent & passive leadership
  • Restore Self Awareness, Self Belief, Self Esteem & Self Confidence
  • Recognize the importance of Team work
  • Encourage vulnerability through opportunity for discussing emotions and relationships; create healing through personal counseling
  • Ensure that the programme is an important accomplishment for the students, worthy of mention in their CVs.

Through the programme, TSLP would blend multiple pedagogies to ensure that students find it both engaging and enjoyable.
What will the Program comprise of?
Teenagers and Young Adults learn differently, using their multiple intelligences. Therefore, TSLP builds Values-Based Leadership Skills using multiple pedagogies and most significantly, movie clips-and-Case Studies-based self-reflection and dialogue. The 75 -hour program has the following key sub-modules and pedagogies organized to ensure variety and versatility.  

  1. Socratic Dialogue: Socratic Dialogues are video/movie-based group discussions which use question-based, probing discussions to provide a common context for a disciplined reflection. It is both a form of inquiry and debate to stimulate critical thinking. Students watch our carefully selected movie clips, with a powerful message for personal and social development for the purpose.
  2. Leadership Case Studies: Students use leadership case studies to analyse and reach conclusions based on the facts, conflicting goals/values and the impact on people and organisations. Case studies are the preferred way of teaching-learning in all business schools.
  3. Performing Arts:  Recent research shows that study in music improves test scores in spatial temporal reasoning in young adults. We have included a musical play performance in the programme. As students perform, we encourage them to be imaginative and take risks.
  4. Communication Skills:  Since Communication is an important leadership skill, we have developed a rigorous curriculum that trains participants in writing, speech, body language and presentation skills. We have also included famous speeches from well-known leaders to ensure that participants are able to internalise both content and style.
  5. Soft Skills: This section introduces participants to behavioural skills through experiential games and role plays that will aid them at school and work. Soft Skills help students deal with and react positively to diverse environments, situations and people.
  6. Adventure Sports:  World’s leading leadership programs use outdoors and nature to both inspire and invoke. This program uses Adventure Sports like river rafting, rock climbing, rappelling and hiking to test the participants’ endurance, strength, leadership and team work.
  7. Community Service: Students observe a large, diverse social milieu at the program and interact with people sensitively and maturely. They visit a village and participate in community service to better appreciate the circle and challenges of life and their roles in their communities.
  8. Guest Lectures: Finally, Guest Lectures give participants an opportunity to observe leaders who have truly made a difference. Aspire brings in Motivational Speakers often from its list of TiE-Aspire Young Achievers to inspire the students.

What about the Faculty, Logistics and Venue?
The program takes place at The Lawrence School, Sanawar campus. We start with an Opening Ceremony on 18 June. The Lawrence School, Sanawar faculty will assist students.
The Leadership Program has been designed and is facilitated by Aspire Human Capital Management (, India’s foremost Life, Employability & Leadership Skills firm promoted by Mr. Amit Bhatia, Fellow & ex Trustee of Aspen India and Founder of McKinsey Knowledge Centre. The Communications and Soft Skills Faculty is also from a high-quality McKinsey-accredited corporate training group.
Aspire has in the past very successfully run Leadership programs for prestigious schools across India including The Doon School, Shri Ram School, The Oakridge School, Pathways School etc. and have always received great feedback and accolades for the programme. Over five years of creating and delivering LeadershipProTM, Aspire ratings with schools such as The Shri Ram School, The Doon School, The Oakridge School is as follows: 

  • Average feedback score across all school programmes is 4.75 on a scale of 1 to 5 (where 1= poor and 5=outstanding)
  • The highest rating was at The Doon School (2 week program in 2016) at 4.95 across 75 students and lowest so far has been a 4.60 only

Socratic Dialogue has always been rated the highest as an experiential pedagogy with an average rating of 4.69 on the same scale of 1-5. As you can well imagine, Aspire have made values-based, moral and ethical leadership development a fun and joyous experience for students between Grades VI to XII.
Dear Parents, TSLP inaugural edition promises to be a life-changing experience for your children. We welcome you to apply at the earliest. For any further queries, please contact the following:

The Application Forms are available on the School’s website. We are glad to have already received applications and have limited seats left, so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. We look forward to mentoring your child to be a future leader.
Vinay Pande

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