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Admission Procedure

LocationAdmission to the School is open to all boys and girls between the age of 9 to 16 irrespective of social status, religion or nationality.

Applications are usually accepted up to 31st October from the children seeking entry into Classes V and VII for which the child has to be registered. Entrance test for these classes is usally conducted on the second Sunday of November at Sanawar. We conduct the test at Gurgaon , Mumbai and Calcuuta also subject to minimum 10 candidate appearing in each of these centers.Application on plain paper are accepted from 1st to 31st January through email/by post A limited number of applications can also be considered for entry to VI , VIII, IX & Class XI. Applications are received in December and children called for an Entrance test/Interviews in February only if there are vacancies. No admission is made in Class X and XII. Please note that registration for any particular year is NOT transferable to any other year.

Registration Forms along with the prospectus for classes V and VII are available in the school office. Completed registration forms should be sent by post or faxed to the School, the child will however only be registered on receipt of the appropriate fee remitted by DemandDraft made payable to the Headmaster, The Lawrence School, Sanawar at the State Bank of Patiala, Sanawar. In addition, the school will also require a photocopy of the child's birth certificate. A Transfer Certificate from the previous school (if applicable) is required at the time of admission.

New Academic session for whole school commenses from 3rd week of Februaryevery year but for new admission it is from the last week of February.For classes V and VII admission is subject to the results of an entrance examination and personal interaction held in November of the previous year.For classes VI, VIII,IX and XI admission is subject to the results of an entrance examination and personal interaction held in february of the same year. Given the nature of the School site and the demanding nature of the curriculum, the School reserves the right to refuse admission to those children who, in the view of the School's Resident Medical Officer, would be unacceptably challenged by the physical regime of the School.
The Headmaster may, at his discretion and for the reason of facilitating the children of NRI's to seek admission into the school, relax the Hindi requirement for the entrance examination. A 30% subsidy in the fees is admissible to the wards of serving Army/Navy/Air force Personnel.

The admission of a child will mean a complete acceptance by the parent/guardian of all School Rules as in force or as amended from time to time at the discretion of the School.

It is important for the School Office to have the parents' updated postal address. Offers of vacancy are datelined and will automatically lapse if formalities are not completed by the stipulated date.

The School reserves the right to refuse admission/re-admission without assigning any reason. The Headmaster's decision is final.

All newly admitted children will be on probation for one year during which the parents and School will decide if the child should continue in the School.

Admission Formalities

A. Parents are required to complete the following admission formalities:

(a) Payment of Dues: All dues must be paid by Demand Draft in the name of ‘The Headmaster, The Lawrence School, Sanawar’ payable at the State Bank of Patiala Sanawar (Code 50199). Payment in cash will not be accepted. NRI fees must be paid in US$.

(b) Personal Information Record Form: To be completed in duplicate and submitted to the School Office on or before the date of admission 

(c) Medical Proforma: To be completed in duplicate. One copy is to be retained by the parent after having it countersigned by the School Resident Medical Officer (RMO). The other copy is retained by the School RMO at the time of admission. Admission will be subject to the child being declared medically fit by the school RMO.
(d) Indemnity Bond: This must be executed between the School and the Parent  and will be signed in the School Office on the day of admission.

(e) Armed Forces Personnel Serving Certificate: To be filled in by all Serving Defence Armed Forces Personnel and to be submitted to the office on the date of admission or earlier (Format to be procured from School Office).

(f) Transfer Certificate: The School Leaving Certificates/Transfer Certificate signed by the Head of the Institution last attended should also be countersigned by an officer not below the rank of District Inspector of Schools/Deputy Director of Education/Education Officer of the Education Deptt. of the State/Union Territory concerned. In case of a student studying in CBSE School, the transfer certificate will be countersigned by the Regional Officer of the Board or the Asstt. Commissioner of KVS or the Deputy Director, Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti in India or an officer of the Board at the Head Quarters and by the First Secretary/Attache/Cultural Attache or an equivalent officer of the Embassy/High Commission of India in the concerned country in respect of student studying in an affiliated school of the CBSE situated outside the country. No Child will be admitted without producing the countersigned Transfer certificate.

(g) Date of Birth Certificate: Attested copy of the Date of Birth Certificate issued by the Registrar of Birth and Deaths, wherever existing, as proof of date of birth.

Notes for New Admission

School Fee
A. All remittances should be made by Demand Draft favoring "The Headmaster, The Lawrence School, Sanawar" payable at State Bank of Patiala. Payments by cheque will not be accepted. In case draft is made payable at any other branch in India the following collection charges must be added : Up to Rs. 10000/-, Rs. 5/- per 1000/-

Our Banker
State Bank of Patiala
Branch Address: The Lawrence School - Sanawar, Solan, H.P.
Branch Code: 50199
IFSC Code: STBP0000199
Swift Code: STBPINBB121
Account Number: 65004200377
Name of Beneficiary: The Headmaster, The Lawrence School - Sanawar

School Office
The School Office is not open on Saturday afternoon, Sundays and other Public holidays laid down by the State of Himachal.

Fee structure


Defence Personnel

NRI's & Foreign Nationals US($)

1.  Application & Registartion Fee









2.  Admission Fee

Admission fee(one time only)




Caution Money (refundable)




Total 65,000 52,000 2,585

3.School Fee

School Fee per annum*




4. Personal Account**




5. Development Fund***




6. Infrastructure Fund




*     School Fee is payable by a lump sum on or before 20th February or in installments of 60% on or before 20th February and the balance on or before 25th July.

**   Personal Account covers expenses incurred by the child on tuck shop, some medical expenses, pocket money, camps and hikes etc.

***A one-off charge made at the time of admission.

A. Parents are requested to send all remittances as per para 2(a) above. After the payment of 1st instalment at the time of admission, the 2nd instalment and other dues thereafter may be deposited “Online” across the Counter at any Branch of the State Bank of Patiala in favour of The Headmaster, The Lawrence School, Sanawar on line A/c No. 65004200377 Branch State Bank of Patiala, Sanawar, Branch Code No. 50199*. Therefore, parents are requested to remit the Fees of their wards through this mode in order-to avoid postal delays. For this purpose special pay-in-slip may please be taken personally at the time of admission at the School Counter. OR

Fees can also be deposited by ONLINE Mode through any Nationalised/Scheduled Bank, the detail of which is as under:
On Line Account No.: 65004200377, Headmaster, The Lawrence School, Sanawar
IFSC Code: STBP0000199
Swift Code: STBPINBB121
State Bank of Patiala, Sanawar(50199)

While sending fee through On Line Mode Kindly do mention the student name and computer no in the message column and immediately inform the school about the details of remittance in order to credit the amount in the name of correct child.

Payment of school fees by cheques and cash will not be accepted.

Penalty for late payment of School Fee
B. The following penalty is levied for late payment:
(i) If the fee instalment does not reach the school when it is due, a penalty of 5% for each month or part thereof is levied on the arrears payable. If the fee, together with the penalty is not paid within 15 days of the last date of depositing the fees the child will be send back home .

(ii) A parent may also be asked to withdraw the child, in respect of whom a debit balance in the Personal Account or any other dues of the School are not paid within the stipulated time of a demand raised by the School.

(iii) The penalty for late payment of fee cannot be waived in any circumstances and is automatically levied when the fee does not reach the school on due dates, whatever be the reason (including postal delays).

(iv) The School does not send out bills, reminders for fees or dues, nor does it hold itself responsible for sending reminders. Parents are therefore requested to make all payments in time to avoid late payment penalties.

(v) In case of doubt regarding the payment of dues, parents are advised to make payments and then ask for arefund instead of waiting for the final decision on dues. This prevents fines being levied for late payments.

(vi) In case where children return late, because of illness or any other cause, the full fee has still to be paid.

(vii) The School cannot entertain requests to furnish statements of accounts for dues paid during the year. The complete detail of the distribution of each remittance received by the School is always given on the School’s official receipt, which should be studied in case of any doubt.

Personal Account

A. At the time of admission parents are requested to bring two photographs of their child and handover the same to him for opening a saving bank account with the State bank of patiala located on the campus of the school (applicable only in case of admission to class VII onwards). Deposits will be made by the school into this account from the personal account of the child. Withdrawals are regulated by the child’s Housemaster/Mistress. Expenses incurred by the child such as Tuck Shop purchases through slips, pocket money and other routine expenses are debited to this account. If the child’s birthday falls within the term the Housemaster/mistress will sanction maximum a 2 Kg cake for the child.

B. The closing Credit/Debit balance position of this account as on 31st December is intimated to every parent by the middle of January in the following year.

Pocket Money

A. The School has a system of giving pocket money every week to the children. Other than this Tuck Shop slips are given once a month for the purpose of toileteries and stationary items etc. which are then debited to the child’s personal account.

B. Parents are requested to desist from providing their children with additional money or to open credit accounts for them in local shops and restaurants. Such practices are likely to lead to the bullying of your child and a request from the School for his/her withdrawal is inevitable.

Withdrawal Notice

A. As per school rules, notice of withdrawal at the end of each term in respect of the children studying in the school, should reach the Headmaster, latest by 15th January, and 10th July under Registered cover. The Penalty for not doing so is 10,000/-.If children are withdrawn from the school anytime subsequent to their admission and then readmission is sought, they will be charged fees and other dues for the full term.

Item to be Provided by Parents
Children must be in possession of the following at time of admission:

All Pupils


1 Pair

Sleeping Suits

2 Woollen & 2 Cotton

Dressing Gowns



12(only PD)


3 (as applicable)



Pillow Covers (White)




Quilt Covers


Sets Trunk/Suitcase (Size 27”x15”x10”)


Home Clothes

2 Sets

Home Socks (woollen)

2 Pairs

Home Socks(cotton)

2 Pairs



Vests Woollen (all students)

4 (2 Full Sleeves)

Long johns ( Thermal Underwear )

2 Pairs

Vest Cotton (Boys)



6 Sets

Black Turbans (Sikh Boys Class VII & Above)


Mini Turbans (Sikh Boys)


Black Gum Boots

1 Pair (PD Pupils )

Swimming Costume


Black Hair pins & Black Rubber bands/Scrunch for girls

Medium Size Bag


Woollen Trousers (Grey) Raymond - Dolce Vita

2 Pairs

Ruck Sack


Personal Items (available in the School Tuck Shop as well)

Black Polish


Shoe Brush


White Polish


Bathing Soaps


Washing Soaps


Liquid Soap


Tooth Brush


Tooth Paste


Hair Oil

1 Bottle


1 Bottle







Sketch Pens/Colour Pencils

1 Pkt

Cold Creams 




Sunscreen Lotion




Hair Brush


Talcum Powder


Plastic Toilet Mug


Plastic Mug/Glass


Water Bottle


Toilet Paper

2 Rolls

Torch with cells


Nail Cutter


Rain Coat


Swimming Cap


Shirt White Full Sleeves


Glycerin & Rose Water


Item to be purchased by parents from Tuck Shop/QM Stores

Cardigan full sleeves


School bag House Colour


T-Shirt with collar(House Colour)


Towel (House Colour)

4 (3 for PD)

Assembly Book



2 Pairs

Sports Shoe

1 Pair

School Track Suit

2 Sets

P.T. Shoe (Power)

1 Pair

Black Shoe

2 Pairs

School Tie


School Muffler


School Gloves

1 Pair

T.Shirt Round Neck(House Colour)


School Blazer with Crest


Clothing Items to be provided by School

A. The following will be provided by the School:
Shorts/Skirts –Grey Shorts/Skirts -Navy Blue
Cotton Shirts/Blouses-Sky Blue Nylon Socks-White/Grey
Woolen Socks/Stocking-Grey Uniform for NCC as applicable
Mattress, Bed Sheets & Bed Covers
Uniform for sports events as applicable (on payment)

Marking of Private Clothes

A. All articles of clothing supplied by parents should be marked with the child’s name. The clothing number will be issued by the Matron at the time of admission. In addition to the specified items the child may be provided with two sets of “home clothes” to be worn on special occasions. The clothing will be marked with the initials of house followed by number as given below:-
Prep School Boys/ Prep School Girls
PUD.....(Applicable to Himalaya & Nilagiri) SP (H,N,S,V as applicable)
PLD…..(Applicable to Siwalik & Vindhya)
Holding House Boys Holding House Girls
HHB……………. HHG…………….
NHB……………. NHG…………….
SHB……………. SHG…………….
VHB…………… VHG……………
Senior School Boys Senior School Girls
HBD…………….. HGD……………..
NBD……………. NGD……………..
SBD……………. SGD……………..
VBD…………… VGD…………….

B. A list, in duplicate, of personal clothes should be sent with each child. If the clothes are not marked and a duplicate list is not submitted, the School will not be responsible for any losses.

Personal Luggage
A. This should be limited to one bed roll which will remain in school, one trunk/hard suitcase (27”x15”x10”) and one hand bag for travel. Excessive luggage is discouraged and will be returned.

B. The child’s name, house, department and name of School must be painted on all personal luggage. (PD to signify Prep Department, GD to signify Girls Department and BD to signify Boys Department).

A.Valuables such as expensive watches, cameras, CD players, mobiles/ cell phones, i-pods, etc, and jewelery are not permitted and the school accepts no responsibility whatsoever for their loss. The School also discourages such items in order to encourage a spirit of equality amongst pupils.

Tuck and Eatables from Home

B. Tuck is not permitted to be brought into the school from home or other outside sources. Parents should be aware that such items can easily lead to discard and instances of bullying within a boarding school.
Visits to the School and Leave of Absence

C. Parents are required to read these carefully as these are enforced strictly. We are frequently asked to make exceptions as special cases but this cannot be done without causing heart-burn amongst other children and making ourselves open to charge of favouritism. Therefore no exceptions will be made.

(a) New Admissions: In the best interest of the child, the parents are not permitted to visit the school. This is to give the child an opportunity to settle in to the routine of the school.The House Masters/Mistresses will contact parents directly if there are any difficulties.

(b) All leave of absence is sanctioned by the Housemaster/Housemistresses, as per school rules, who may refuse permission for several reasons, e.g. a school function, a previously arranged excursion, inter-school fixture or for reasons of discipline or poor performance in academics.

(c) Permission from the Housemaster/Housemistress must be sought at least 24 hours in advance for any visit by the parents or any other relative on any day other than the days specified in the school calendar.

(d) Please send your child back to the school within the specified time and date on termination of the leave of absence.

(e) A family ceremony leave can NOT be prefixed or suffixed with any of the holidays, SOP or Founder’s Break.

(f) It is ultimately in the interest of the child that the parents do not encourage extra outings over and above the regular ones allowed by the school.

Leave of Absence for Children

A. Leave will be sanctioned only for the following reasons:
Nature of leave Duration
Nature of leave Duration

(a) Family Ceremony Leave 4 days inclusive of travel time will  be granted for wedding of sibling or  real aunt/uncle.

(b) Condolence of immediate relation 1 day + travel time

(c) Medical Leave: Medical leave will be considered only on the production of a medical certificate duly endorsed by the School RMO. The duration will be specified on the certificate. Medical Leave SHOULD NOT BE MISUSED under any circumstances whatsoever.

B. All leave will be sanctioned by your child’s Housemaster/Housemistress on receipt of a written request stating clearly reasons for leave. A pass will be issued to the child which will have to be returned to the House Master/Mistress at the conclusion of the leave period. Please note that the leave is sanctioned by the House Staff and NOT the Headmaster. Any request to Headmaster will merely be passed on to the concerned House Staff thus delaying the granting of any sanction required.

C. No child will be allowed to leave alone or with friends or servants without the written authority of the parent.

Sleeping Out Passes (SOPs)
(a) The child will be issued an out pass as per date and time scheduled in the School Calender.

(b) Passes for SOP will be collected from the Housemaster/Housemistress.

(c) To avail an SOP, the parents must inform the Housemaster/Housemistress in writing well in advance.

(d) In case of a student proceeding on leavewith any one else other than the parent, two letters are required-one from the child’s parent clearly specifying the name of person authorized to take the child and another from the person taking responsibility of the child.

Notes: These rules apply equally to parents residing or holidaying at Kasauli or nearby stations.

B. Parents are requested not to ask the Headmaster or Housemaster/Housemistresses to sanction deviations from these rules as these requests would amount to requests for deviations from school policy.


A. Parents or friends coming from an infected area must inform the R.M.O. of the fact. An extremely serious view will be taken of any breach, intentional or otherwise, of this rule.

B. Parents visiting Sanawar when the child is in quarantine do so at their own risk. They will observe quarantine restrictions as laid down from time to time by the R.M.O.

C. On return from any Medical Leave the child must first report to the RMO and take his/her permission to enter the dormitory.

D. Children who are found to be a known case of bed wetting may have to be denied admission or withdrawn at a later stage.

E. No orthodontic leave will be permitted during term time. Emergency treatment may be undertaken with the permission of the RMO.

Change of Address

A. Any change of address must be notified in writing without delay to the School Office. Verbal request for any change of address will NOT be acted upon.

Download: Draft Agreement to be Executed by the Parent/Guardian of Child.
Download: Information record form (New admission)
Download: Medical Profoma (New Admission/Students Who Are Already In The School)

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